Vancity Community Investment Bank is a proud member of the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC). CDIC is a Federal Crown Corporation created in 1967 to protect the money you deposit in member financial institutions, in case of their failure.

View CDIC Brochure about Protecting your deposits

For further information about CDIC, please call 1-800-461-CDIC (2342) or visit their website

Deposit register

The following instruments and/or products* are eligible for deposit insurance from the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation, subject always to the maximum coverage limitations outlined in their brochure “Protecting Your Deposits” and provided they are in Canadian funds, are payable in Canada, and have a term of no more than 5 years.

Term deposits

  • Short Term Deposits
  • Community Change Term Deposit

Demand accounts

  • Ultimate Savings Account
  • Business Account
  • RSP Ultimate Savings Account

Other products

  • Official cheques
  • Outstanding payment items
  • Outstanding payment items include suspense accounts, items in transit, and unclaimed cheques
  • Outstanding payment items may not be applicable to depositors in the normal course of their banking

Vancity Community Investment Bank is a Certified B-Corp™ and a member of CDIC.